Quilt Signature List

Quilt signers are listed below as copied from the quilt. The signatures were sometimes hard to read and some spellings may be incorrect. Notes that are included next to individual names were written by Mrs. Esther (Krause) Palmer (Mrs. Ted Palmer) of Aneta, N.D. (b.1904-d.1990). Corrections or additional information are welcome and may be e-mailed to me.

Mr. Aas

Mrs. Aas

Selma Aas

C. Aaslitter

William Almquist

J.A. Ames -- farmer, out by Oscar Huso

O.C. A. -- Oscar Anderson -- worked at S.M.Lee farm

Aneta, Nelson County, N.D.

Aneta, N.D.

Aneta, Nor.Dak.

Oluf Arneson

Mrs. Julia Ava...

A. Barnes

R. Barnes

Liza Beamer

Be With Your God


O.T. Bloom

Nels Broberg

Miss Daisie Burd

Henry Cash

Mr. C.W. Casselton

Ethel Clone -- teacher in Ora #4

Mrs. William Clone -- mother of teacher Ethel Clone

Lars D. ....

Albert Davidson

A.A. Dennis



Gladys Edahl -- mother of Opal -- came to do serving

Louie Elgen

Gust Elgen

Minnie Elgen

Caroline Engen -- mother of Ada

S.N. Etting

A.H.Ferguson -- Mrs. Lars Holland"s brother

Mrs. Tom Fjeld -- mother of Ted, Tom, Ed

A.W.Fisher -- studied to be a minister; had songfests

Emma Franklin -- married to Frank Franklin

Ole Franklin -- brother of Halvor Franklin

Tom Franklin

Ole Galde -- livery barn, father of Osborne

A. Gargrave

G. Gassman

Mr. Andrew Gilderhus - worked for Arne Thompson, butcher

Mrs. Andrew Gilderhus

Norman Gilderhaus

Sofie Gisvold

J. Gros

Clara Groseth

Mable Groseth

Oline Groseth

Orville Groseth

O.E. Groseth -- Otto Grosseth

Willie Grow

Doris Gunderson -- oldest daughter who died in 1900

Bertha Gunderson -- Mrs. J.G.

E.E. Gunderson

J.G. Gunderson

T.S.Ham -- Tom

Myrta Hamm -- Mrs. Otto Groseth

Verna Hamm

Rasmus Hanlan

Oliver Haugen

Anders Hillesland -- (Andrew)


Josie Hillesland - Mrs. Locken

Ida May Hopkins, Larimore

Mrs. W.H. Hopkins

A.B. Johnson

Betsy Johnson

Ed Johnson -- worked in store for Tom Quamme

E.R. Johnson

H.C. Johnson -- Frank Johnson (father of Verner)

H.E. Johnson

O.M. Johnson

M. ...Johnson

Nora Johnson

Tillie Johnson

S.M. Kinzie

John Kloster -- father of Nels and Martin

Martin Kloster

Millie Kloster -- Mrs. Martin

Ole J. Kjorvestad

Clara Lee -- insurance -- Montana

John M. Lee -- farmer, father of Selmer, Selma, Julia

Julia Lee -- Mrs. E.G. Larson

Louie Lee -- farmer, husband of Ruth Qualey, father of Eunice, Luverne, Russell, Lars

Martin Lee -- elevator

Mary Lee -- Mrs. A.P.Knudtson

Mary J. Lee -- sister of Selma Kjorvestadk died when about 9

Minard Lee -- brother of Selma, Selmer

O.S.Lee -- implement business

Mr. and Mrs. S.M.Lee -- farmers

Selma Lee -- Mrs Guy Kjorvestad

Selmer Lee

Tina Lee -- salesperson at Mann's, Devil's Lake

Mrs. N.D. Lochit -- Larimore, N.D.

Anna Locken -- Mrs. Walquist

Gustav Locken

Mareth Locken

Peder Locken

T. ... Locken

Nora E. Long

C.W. Lyon

Forrie S. Lyon

Mary Lyon

Charles Matson -- father of Art

H.C. McDaniel -- worked at (drug?) store with Liz Beamer

H.C. McDanile

Dan McDonal Aneta, N.D.

Mrs. Jennie McDonal

Dan McDonald


Alf McMann

Ella Midstock -- farmed near Sharon

Adam Miller

Rose Morrison

Maude Murell

Dan S. Nelson

Mrs. O.C. Nelson, Aneta, N.D.

Theodore Nelson -- Ed Nelson's oldest brother; restaurant

Anna Nerdahl

Gina Nerdahl

Mary Nerdahl

Peter J. Nerdahl

Mrs. J.C. Newman -- Mrs. Frank Johnson's mother

.... Nilson

Gilbert Nilson


Hannah Nordhaugen -- husband blacksmith from Cooperstown

Lars Offte

E.C. Olsgaard

D.K. Omlin

Peter E. Pahlson

Blanche Palmer

David Palmer

Edith Palmer

Edgerton Palmer

J.A. Pepper

J.A. Pepper -- started first paper printed here (from Hope)

Mrs. W.A. Peters

George Prindle

Marshall Prindle

J.O.Q -- John Quamme -- collector from Northwood


Oscar J. Quam

D. N. Quamme

Hjalmer Quamme

Mrs. T.N. Quamme -- wife of Tom - store

Mrs. Quanbeck

Tom M. Reep

Gus Sandberg

L....T Sandberg


Charles Serga...

B.C. Serns -- farmed the farm where Allen Peterson...

Cezel Serns -- wife of B.C. Serns

John Shannon

Mary Shannon

Robert Shannon

Albert Simonson - farmer

Rev. Th. J. Skjer -- minister at West Union and at Norway Lutheran

Charles Slolm

C.J. Sloulin -- clerk, broth of Olaf

Cleo Slowl...

Anna H. Solberg -- Mrs. Henre O.

Julia G. Solberg

Julia J. Solberg

Lars Solum -- farmer

Louie Sorbell ?

Marie Swanson

Nels A. Swanson (?)

Aggie Sundquist

Arnold G. Sundquist

Arthur Sundquist

Ed Sundquist

Emma Sundquist

Hannah,Caroline Sundquist

Hjalmer Sundquist

Mr. Sundquist

Mrs. Sundquist

Oscar Sundquist

Mrs. Swenson -- mother of John, Louise, Sofie

Louise Swenson -- sister of Mrs. B.O. Tande

Snyer Swenson -- farmer, brother of Mrs. B.O.Tande

Anna Tandberg

C. Tanberg

Charly Taylor

Gilbert Teien

Mrs. G. Teien

Baby Teien

Inga Oliva Teien

Chas. Thomas

Daisy Thomas -- Mrs. Charlie

Mrs. D.S. Thomas (Dan) - farmer - brother of George

G.W. Thomas

G.W. Thomds

Miss L. Thompson

Mrs. F.W. Tibbets

Laurence Tompson

John Trider -- carpenter

K.O. Trintrud -- drug store

H.I Ulvick

Tom Ulvick -- brother of H.I.

Olga Vig

Hans L. Vikoren


Od...w W...ler

C. Walhood -- father of O.L.

Ca... Walhood

Miss L.A. Warner

O.H. Westman -- father of Odin, Iris

Wm. Wheeley

W. R. Whidden

W.R. Whidden -- store; came as preacher at Baptist church

W.R. Whidden -- store, came as preacher

T.F. Wilson -- worked in livery barn for Keyes

S.S.Wold - minister at Sundahl